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India Offering
PALFINGER offers an extensive product range for lifting, loading, handling and transportation tasks. Get more information here.

PALFINGER Truck Loader Cranes

As the name suggests, PALFINGER truck loader cranes can be mounted on the front and rear side of any truck chassis depending upon the application. We are acknowledged solution providers to a broad spectrum of loading, lifting and handling tasks. Our cranes are widely used in Construction industry, Transport Logistics, Power supply, Forestry, Landscaping & Gardening, Military, Municipalities, Disposal industry, Inspection & Cleaning of building structures and large machineries, Events & trade fairs and Mining.

1. PALFINGER Telescopic Cranes (PC Series)
In lifting and lowering small-volume loads, PC Series cranes show its exceptional strengths. These are compact cranes with excellent stability
PC cranes : PC 900 Compact
The PC 900 is PALFINGER‘s smallest crane model. It comes with a manual slewing drive, manually adjustable lifting boom and a cable winch with 450 kg (990 lbs) lifting capacity. The overload protection system and cable radio remote control are standard features with the cable winch on the PC 900.
PC cranes : PC 1500 Compact
As the smallest fully hydraulic truck-mounted crane for loads up to 990 kg, the PC 1500 is the perfect crane for pick-up trucks or small vehicles with its dead weight of only 164 kg.
PC cranes : PC 2700 Compact
With up to 3 hydraulic outriggers, the PC 2700 achieves the largest hydraulic outreach in its class at 5 metres. Its new hexagonal profile guarantees a stiffer boom system. A mounting frame with single outrigger box is available as an option.
PC cranes : PC 3800 Compact
The optimum ratio of lifting power to dead weight and its huge outreach make the PC 3800 an ideal assistant for a wide range of applications. A mounting frame with double outrigger box, which is available as an option, provides the Compact crane with excellent stability.
2. PALFINGER Knuckle Boom Cranes (PK Series)
Configured to meet the unique needs of diverse industries and applications, with an extensive product range and superior technology, PALFINGER has established itself as the world market leader in Knuckle Boom Cranes.
PK cranes (1.8 - 3.9 mt) : PK 2900 Performance
Thanks to a crane width of only 1600 mm, it is possible to mount this crane even on narrow vehicles. Its particular strengths lie in its ability to assist with loading and unloading in the building materials trade or in horticulture. The completely reworked control valve reduces the pressure peaks acting on the crane even at full load. As a result, this significantly increases safety during operation of the crane and prolongs the crane‘s service life.
PK cranes (1.8 - 3.9 mt) : PK 4200 Performance
As a universal crane with a large hydraulic outreach, the PK 3400 is particularly well suited to use on multi-functional vehicles. A variety of different equipment versions enable the user to consider it for a wide range of possible uses. The completely reworked control valve reduces the pressure peaks acting on the crane even at full load. As a result this significantly increases safety during operation of the crane and prolongs the crane‘s service life.
Light crane series (4 - 10 mt) : PK 6500 Performance
The new PK 6500 Performance is an ideal crane for light vehicles, e.g. for use in the municipal sector. As standard it comes with everything required for tough daily duty: Know-how and leading technology from PALFINGER. This makes it safe and reliable. and provides you with high efficiency for every job. Users can rely on it because the after-service is also right.
Light crane series (4 - 10 mt) : PK 8500 Performance
Its perfect ratio of dead weight to lifting capacity makes the PK 8500 Performance the yardstick in its class. High-strength, fine-grained steel and its numerous equipment features permit precision and flexibility even in difficult conditions. The PK 8500 Performance – a strong partner to help you handle any job.
Light crane series (4 - 10 mt) : PK 10000 Performance
The PK 10000 Performance – the optimal crane for versatile duty! Through its maximum ratio of weight and lifting capacity – leading in its metre-tonne class – and its practical equipment features it becomes your optimal working unit. The use of high-strength fine-grained structural steel and the new hexagonal profile make possible an enormous hydraulic outreach of 12.4 m
Medium crane series (11 - 34 mt) : PK 12000 Performance
When bricks or concrete parts have to be unloaded and placed precisely on the construction site - the PK 12000 Performance has the right credentials for the job. Easy maintenance, quality and reliability are the result of decades of research and development work by PALFINGER. This makes it your reliable partner.
Medium crane series (11 - 34 mt) : PK 15500 Performance
The new PK 15500 Performance is the ideal crane for handing unit loads. It can lift light machinery and heavy structural components with ease. Thanks to years of practical experience and PALFINGER technical know-how it brings high efficiency to any job!
Medium crane series(11-34mt) : PK16001 High Performance
The PK16001 High performance crane with the compact design and its low dead weight offers an optimized mounting concept. It has a high lifting power due to single link plus. With the low maintenance and high speed extension system the crane works more faster and efficiently. With sliding elements made of synthetic material and the high-quality KTL coating, this boom system significantly simplifies service performed by the operator. This saves time and money and protects the environment.
Medium crane series (11 - 34 mt) : PK 18500 Performance
Ideally suitable for loading and unloading unit cargo and construction machinery, the PK 18500 Performance stands out by virtue of its reliability and versatility. Three stabiliser spreads and up to five hydraulic extension arms make it the perfect working unit for an extremely wide range of jobs.

Solid Range series : PK17.001SLD

Solid range cranes are cost-efficient crane models with compact dimensions and low dead weight. They are robust, easy to use and equipped with a reliable loader crane technology.
Medium crane series (11 - 34 mt) : PK 23500 Performance
With up to six hydraulic extensions and its impressive lifting capacity the PK 23500 Performance competes in the big league when it comes to handling any job. Particularly safe and convenient to control, it features three stabiliser spreads and (as an option) supports which can be swivelled upwards automatically.!
Medium crane series (11 - 34 mt) : PK 32080
This model stands out for a rugged construction, power and efficiency. The double rack and pinion slewing system enables a high slewing moment with a simple construction.
3. PALFINGER Stiff Boom Cranes (PS Series)
Our stiff boom cranes have been indigenously developed and are manufactured at our Chennai facility. Proven products for the lifting & transportation requirements of India and some Asian markets. 
PALFINGER Stiff boom crane (SBC) is straight telescopic boom crane fitted with hydraulic winch and an effective solution for loading & unloading tasks. PALFINGER SBC offers greater utility with simple technology. Characterised with high power and low dead weight, it proves to be the best in its class.
4. PALFINGER Recycling & Log handling Cranes (EPSILON)

PALFINGER is the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy duty log handling cranes and is the most preferred brand in the recycling, scrap handling and log handling industries. Our presence in India with major players in the paper industry and waste management is a testimony to this fact.

5. PALFINGER Truck mounted Access Platforms ( Compact class )
PALFINGER India has launched Truck mounted access platforms from the PALFINGER Platforms product range, offering innovative lifting solutions at the highest technological level. The PALFINGER compact range starts from 9m to 28m . PALFINGER Access Platforms make an impression with their safe and reliable height access technology that is of outstanding quality, thus optimally adjusted to the relevant working range.
P 140 T P170 T P 200 A P240A
6. Palfinger Tail lifts
Palfinger Tail lifts make it much easier to safely load and unload trucks and are synonymous with cost efficiency, flexibility and a high level of operating comfort for users. With more than 40 products, PALFINGER caters for weight classes between 500 kg and 4,000 kg. The most important fields of application include: food and transport logistics, waste management, emergency services and local authorities as well as leasing and rental business.
7. PALFINGER Hook Loaders
  PALFINGER telescopic hook loaders are renowned for their optimal balance between dead weight and lifting capacity. Our Hook loaders are designed according to international standards and respond perfectly to local market requirements. PALFINGER hook loaders can accommodate different types of containers, fit multiple container lengths and are suitable for applications in various industries. Our hook loaders are widely used in industries like Scrap metal recycling, Waste handling, Farming application, Construction Industry and Equipment’s transporting.
8. Crane Attachments
PALFINGER cranes also comes with application oriented attachments such as Brick Stack Grapples, Orange Peel Grapple, Pallet Fork, Work Man Basket, Tire Handler, Clam Shell, Pole Grab, Augur Unit etc. We also provide customised solutions for specific applications.
Load Attachments : Rotator
Rotators for all PALFINGER-Attachments PALFINGER gear-rotators and PALFINGER-Attachments are perfect harmonized. Rotators with a capacity up to 10 t. Due to the gerotor-construction, all PALFINGER rotators can be positioned very precise and offer a high brake torque.
Load Attachments : HPX drive
The HPXdrive Standard as an allround unit is perfect for
Load Attachments : Clamshell Bucket
The bucket is the ideal solution for light weight loader cranes in daily routine work: robust, effective, budget priced. routine work – robust, effective, budget priced.
Load Attachments : High Volume Calmshell Bucket
The high volume clamshell bucket has a significant narrow frame and can therefore fulfill small digging tasks besides the handling. The robust clamshell bucket is for handling loose material as sand, gravel, soil – perfectly matched to heavy duty work on vehicle mounted cranes.
Load Attachments : Universal Bucket
The universal bucket is a robust clamshell bucket and versatile tool for handling all kinds of refuse material. The open sides of the grapple enables the grab of bulk material. .
Load Attachments : Orange Peel Grapples
The robust orange peel grapple light for the handling of bulky scrap, and other applications - depending on task available with different tine shapes and volumes (120l, 180l, 240l). .
Load Attachments : Brick Stack Grapples
The technically unique brick stack grapple is a versatile tool for palleted and nonpalleted materials
Load Attachments : Crane fork
PALFINGER crane forks are offered with a simple manual as well as with comfortable automatic center of gravity adjustment. This product is essentially needed in the supply chain for building material. A sturdy design as well as high quality material guarantee long lifetime and maximum safety.
Load Attachments : Wallboard fork
The universal fork for loader cranes handles wallboards and other lying building materials up to a size of 1250 height and 460 mm depth.
Load Attachments : Bottle-Bank Discharge Units for Container
The container discharge attachments with ring system are characterised by short cycle times and an attractive acquisition price. Containers can be emptied even faster and more cost effectively with a one-man operation..
Load Attachments : Pole Grapples
A hydraulically operated attachment used for positioning tubes or poles. It is flanged on the boom extension of the crane.
Load Attachments : Barrier Lifter
The Barrier lifter is a mechanical grapple for fast and convenient handling of concrete barriers and blocks.
Load Attachments : Earth Auger
The PALFINGER augers provide the highest drilling performances and durability, thus the PALFINGER crane becomes a multipurpose tool. The respectively optimised teeth and centering tips are suitable for earth and gravel layers as well as for soft rock.
Load Attachments : Workman basket
Our workman baskets have been developed as additional tool for hydraulic loader cranes. Areal platforms are subject to different safety regulations and instructions depending on the country, which have to be considered for the equipment of a crane with workman basket.
Load Attachments : Car Lifting Devices
Easy handling of vehicles
Load Attachments : Vacuum Lifting Tool
Vacuum lifting tool according to EN/DIN 13155 for construction site operation.
Load Attachments : Fix de fix
This product is a unique, automatically uncoupling systems. The activation is done by remote control. Thanks to this tool there is no manpower needed for unloading.

We also provide various solutions from our global offerings based on demand.


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